9 Facts About Rowan Atkinson

It doesn’t matter that he has more than 50 credits on his acting resume, the world knows Rowan Atkinson by his legendary role as Mr. Bean. This iconic comedian has come a long way from skipping his doctoral to pursuing his career in comedy.

1. He has his own Heavy Goods Vehicle license.


We’ve all grown up seeing Mr. Bean riding his Mini or rolling up at red carpet events with lavish sports cars, but what’s even more surprising is that he has a legitimate HGV license as well! This license lets him drive while carrying up to 3.5 tons. How cool is that!

2. He’s obsessed with cars and often writes for CAR Magazine.


He is a self-confessed petrol head. He loves cars and usually writes for CAR Magazine, sharing his passion for motors with the world. He has an impressive collection of cars, which include an Audi A8, a Škoda Superb, and even a rare McLaren F1. But he’s not a big fan of Porsche, claiming that they are wonderful cars, but he doesn’t see himself living with one.