What’s Jennifer Aniston’s Real Name? And 9 More Celebs Who Use Stage Names

Using a stage name is not at all unheard of in La La Land. But, how many of these famous celebrities did you know use a stage name?

Celebrities Who Use Stage Names
When it comes to the world of Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole, fans oftentimes are blinded by all the glitz, the glam and of course, the talent! Whether you’re a fan of film, television or music, chances are you have gravitated towards an artist that you love. However, many big-time favorites go by completely different names!Using a stage name is not at all unheard of in La La Land and is often used by singers and actors who have either changed their names for legal purposes or simply to appear more marketable. While it’s known that stars such as Skrillex, Eminem and Drake all use stage names, there are a few surprising stars that you’d be shocked to know also uses this tactic.