Was Michael Jackson’s Car Collection Better Than Elvis Presley’s?

The King of Pop’s car collection goes head to head with the King of Rock and Roll’s. Find out which one accumulated the better cars.

Even if he is not with us anymore, Michael Jackson will always hold a special place in our hearts. No one will ever replace the original King of Pop. His record breaking music, charismatic style, unique dance moves and, above all, his charming personality are all that made him who he was. Then came his lavish lifestyle that suited the legend, including a love for special cars.On the other hand is Elvis Presley, who needs no introduction either. The King of Rock and Roll is another irreplaceable personality who graced the music world. Although his genre of music was very different from Jackson, the two can be called rivals in one thing: their love for cars.

Indeed, both Elvis and Jackson shared an immense love for customized cars and both had extensive collections, which begs the age old question: Was Michael Jackson’s car collection better than Elvis Presley’s?