Visible Face Tattoo

After A News Presenter Gets A Visible Face Tattoo, This Woman Educates People On How To Be Respectful

Last year, 35-year-old Oriini Kaipara fulfilled her lifelong dream of getting a moko kauae, a traditional lower chin tattoo worn by Māori women. Following this decision, the woman made history by becoming the first employed TV news presenter with a facial tattoo. Kaipara, who is a mother of 4, lives in Auckland, New Zealand and currently works for TVNZ, made headlines in 2017 when a DNA test revealed that she is 100% Māori.

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While Kaipara’s decision was accepted by her employees, it’s clear that both viewers and people around her had varied reactions. It prompted Taj Anwar Baoll to share a very similar experience her coworker went through in order to educate people on how to be more respectful not only to other people’s appearance, but their spiritual practices, too.