Various Animals Are Invading Cities During The Coronavirus Quarantine

As quarantines roll out in a number of countries, people often bury themselves in movies, social media drama or a good book. While taking a walk outside is encouraged by some governments (as long as a distance from other people is maintained), a lot of people completely forget about the outer world. Well, nature, however, does its thing nonetheless and people are noticing an unexpected outcome of the quarantine. In countries like Japan, Italy, and Thailand, people observed animals roaming the streets due to human absence.

Like in Japan, where deer that are local to Nara Park were observed taking to the streets in search of food. Usually, the park is swarming with tourists, as the Sika deer living there are a local attraction. Tourists would usually buy crackers sold at the park meant specifically to feed the deers, however as the number of visitors plummeted in recent weeks, the deer seem to have no choice but to wander out of their territory to find something to munch on.

People in Nara, Japan reported seeing deer that usually stay in the park roam out onto the streets