Top 55 Sexiest Female Soccer Players Of 2020

Top 55 Sexiest Female Soccer Players Of 2020

Soccer and women are a deadly combination and if we throw a rock amidst a crowded place, it will surely land on a man who cherishes both. Women’s soccer is played across 176 countries and many international tournaments have also come up. Even though soccer is mainly a male dominated game, women’s soccer is also gaining much attention, especially from the male fans. Some parts of the attention can be reasoned for the gorgeous looks and strategic tactics of these soccer players, which has made them top names in sports. The following is a list of 55 female soccer players who are aggressive on the field and attractive out of it. But we want you to watch them for their talent on the field and consider their looks as just an added benefit.


1. Laisa Andrioli


Andrioli is a Brazilian star soccer player who weighs 121 lbs and stands 5ft 9 in tall. Andrioli is 30 years old, currently retired and her twitter bio mentions that she is currently on a lookout for opportunities to play.


We realise that she is retired, but that did not stop us from putting her on the list because of her innate hotness. You can find pictures of her on the web; some of which are really intriguing as she does not shy away from dropping some pieces of clothing.


Laisa Andrioli