Top 28 Funny Responses To Wrong Number Texts




Have you ever accidentally sent a text message to the wrong number? We’ve all done it at some point and it’s usually an easy fix, but some people have a little more fun with it than others.

1. Texting can be a dangerous game when you slip up something as simple as one digit. While most of the time people will respond kindly and inform you that you have the wrong number, some people see the opportunity for mischief. Melanie decided to see if she could get a coworker to take one of her shifts, but clearly she made a mistake when she entered the number. The recipient played one cruel game by pretending they were Melanie’s fellow Old Navy employee and accepting her hours. Just a mere twenty-something minutes until her shift started, this person then informed Melanie that she had the wrong number and better get ready for work. At least this person wasn’t ruthless enough to completely let her miss her shift and risk her job at Old Navy. However, the mad dash Melanie is going to have to make to work probably isn’t ideal. Melanie will now know to call and confirm with anyone who “says” they will take her shift for her.



2. Aunty Pat had good intentions with her text message, she just can’t seem to get it to the right person. The fact that this recipient has added Aunt Pat as a contact under “wrong #” insinuates that this isn’t the first time she has mistakenly sent out some aunt love.