Top 10 Rarest Birds in the World

Our lives are persistently affected by these wonderful creatures, with over 10.000 different species of birds worldwide.

But as the human population grows, these helpless creatures that make our life wonderful are struggling to survive.

The majority of such threats come from excessive hunting, deforestation, pollution, and land transformation.

Nearly 13% of birds of the earth are on the brink of extinction.

As an awareness initiative here are the top 10 rarest birds in the world:

10. Philippine eagle


  • Location: Philippines- eastern Luzon, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao
  • Threats: Deforestation, mining, pollution, exposure to pesticides that affect breeding, and poaching.


Endemic to the Philippines and one of the largest and most severe eagles in the world, the Monkey eating Philippine eagle remains threatened to extinction due to human ignorance and deforestation.

The eagle is native to four main Filipino islands: Luzon east, Samar, Leyte, Mindanao.

The Philippine eagle is typically 86–102 cm long (2 ft 10 in–3 ft 4 in), but a survey of several specimens from some of its largest collections of natural history conclude they used to be much bigger.

Mindanao is home to the largest number of eagles, with breeding pairs between 82 and 233.