Top 10 Cheapest Places to Fly Into Europe

Cheapest Place to Fly Into Europe

As we travel to Europe, many of us who live in the US visit multiple cities and have the option of traveling to different European destinations.

But as airlines change prices quickly, how can we know which cities are the cheapest to fly to?

Not too many years ago, almost all discounted flights to Europe were to London, Frankfurt, Paris, and Amsterdam at the biggest and busiest airports.

But due to lowering competition (airlines closing off) and increased fares amidst airlines, the times have changed.

For this, knowledgeable travelers can take advantage of different starting points for international flights to enter the European Union.

For those who don’t, we have created a list for the top 10 cheapest places to fly into Europe:


10. Milan Malpensa Airport, Italy


cheapest places to travel in europe

In the Milan metropolitan area of Northern Italy, Milan Malpensa Airport is the biggest international airport.

In Milan, the smaller of Alitalia’s two main hubs are usually cheaper than flying to Rome.

But flying to Rome is probably better if you don’t have plans to visit Milan.

Oddly enough, Alitalia never seems to have the best price.

The city seems to be better for low-cost flights in 2015, but largely because the Atlantic is crossed by the Emirates with cheaper fares from some cities.