This Woman to Lose 90 Pounds

Thinking about Her Critically Ill Daughter Inspired This Woman to Lose 90 Pounds


Melissa LeBlanc realized she couldn’t take care of her sick child unless she also took care of herself.

During the previous year, Melissa LeBlanc reliably stayed away from entryway handles, wore face veils outside, and consistently showered completely after a snappy Target run—all for the sake of her little girl’s wellbeing. Riley, who is currently 2.5 years old, was brought into the world with extreme joined immunodeficiency (SCID). Basically, she was brought into the world with a scarcely there insusceptible framework, which means she could turn out to be lethally sick at the smallest presentation to germs.

“We needed to remain segregated from everybody,” LeBlanc told Prevention. “Her grandparents and aunties and uncles couldn’t hold her. They held her once when she was conceived before we thought about her conclusion and haven’t held her since.”

In the midst of caring for Riley’s wellbeing, LeBlanc slowly started to neglect her own. A former gymnast, competitive cheerleader, and personal trainer, she was no stranger to an active lifestyle. But once Riley was diagnosed with SCID, exercise became less of a priority—and the pounds creeped on.