This Is How Keanu Reeves Became John Wick

Keanu is one of the few actors around truly committed to the hard work.

In the highly competitive world of Hollywood, any actor who even lands a supporting role in a film that means something to the masses has hit the jackpot. With that in mind, it is simply amazing when an actor stars in several movies that are successful at the box office and more importantly, with audiences.Of course, even though it often seems like major movie stars often have highly sought after roles dropped in their laps all of the time, the truth of the matter is quite different. For example, even highly paid actors sometimes spend years campaigning for the roles that have helped push their careers forward. On top of that fact, a lot of the time movie stars spend months or even years preparing themselves mentally and physically for their biggest roles.

Keanu Reeves Today

When it comes to one of today’s most beloved and respected actors, Keanu Reeves arguably tops that list since his movies make a lot of money and the masses adore him. However, if you think that he did such a great job headlining the John Wick franchise by luck alone, you have another thing coming.