This Artist Illustrates Funny Things That She Has Heard Strangers Say And Her Pictures Are Hilarious


1. #ThingsThatiHear


Artist Avner Geller was in a cookware store in Los Angeles when she saw a young woman looking at her phone. She let out a big sigh, looked at her friend and exclaimed, “He wants to go to Bali. But I say Fiji!” This made Avner chuckle. Her first thought was that this was the exact definition and the perfect example of a “first world problem.” And then her ears perked up everywhere she went. She started to eavesdrop and overhear many conversations in her everyday life. She thought it would be fun to turn these scenarios into illustrations. And she was right.


Look, we’ve all been that girl. Or that guy! I don’t want to exclude the gentlemen out there that has said things out loud like, “I’m just so over kale” or “I need a vacation from that vacation.” We have all known that co-worker, friend or family member that loves to complain about everyday things that just aren’t really that big of a deal. And we’ve all heard someone say something that is super ridiculous and then caught ourselves saying something even more petty or insane.


So here are some things that she has heard people say when they thought that no one was listening. And you better watch what you say, because Avner is so inspired by the reaction and support that she has received on social media, that she is thinking of making a #ThingsThatIHear Book!


Here are some of her brilliant illustrations.