These Period Sex Tips Will Make Your Next Romp the Best One Yet.

Whether you’ve read about it online or had chats with your girlfriends, by now you’ve heard that period sex can be pretty amazing. Plus, lots of men are finally admitting that they’re into it, so it’s unlikely you’ll face much resistance from them if you want to give it a whirl. For those who are curious, here’s everything you need to know about having sex on your period so that you (and okay, your partner too) can have a mind-blowing experience.

You may feel hornier during your period.

Horny Before Period: Is It Normal? And 5 Other FAQs

If you feel so aroused during your period that the thought of waiting six days for sex is about as awful as a day in a torture chamber, you’re not alone. It’s also not just your imagination. Some women experience higher levels of arousal during menstruation, while others can’t even think about doing the deed until after their periods are over. Neither approach to period sex is wrong or shameful — our bodies are simply different.

“Hormonal fluctuations can increase arousal, decrease it, and for many women, not do a thing,” says Laura Deitsch, resident sexologist for Vibrant, an online platform for adult products whose proceeds help fund Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. “Body chemistry is so individual that there is little way to predict the effect.”

That said, if you are someone who’s more interested in sex either right before or during your period, you can thank testosterone. Women have a lower amount of the hormone than men, but it influences your sexual desire all the same, says Elle Chase, a certified sex educator, author, and speaker. Since testosterone tends to spike during ovulation, it’s common for many women to feel randier than usual. And there’s nothing you need to do about that except