These Adorable Couples Clearly Married Their Best Friend

1. Relationships Can Be A Lot Work


Relationships can be a lot of work. Everyone is different and you have to find ways to make the relationship work for both people. Dealing with your significant other’s attitude, moods and emotions is not always a piece of cake. You may not know exactly what they need at all times to make them happy. Or maybe you do. Maybe, after time, you have been able to figure out how your partner ticks and what they need from you. Relationships take a lot of work, but in the end it is all worth it when you get to spend every day with your absolute best friend.


Here are some couples who obviously married their best friend or are clearly going to in the future if they keep up this level of cuteness. Like this couple. It takes a true man to buy his lady pizza when she had too much to drink. When in doubt, feed her and you will have her heart forever.