People Reveal the Dumbest Things Anyone’s Ever Told Them

You know when you’re sitting in a restaurant, listening in to the conversation going on in the next booth, because you’re eating alone and the battery on your phone’s dead and what else are you supposed to do? Well sometimes, you hear the most ridiculous, dumb, asinine things being said. And they stick with you for the rest of your life.

Now, you’ll only hear one, maybe two off-the-wall bonkers things in passing throughout the course of your life, if you’re lucky (or is it unlucky? Depends on how much you delight in other people’s stupidity).

But thanks to the crowd-sourcing power of the internet, you’re in for an absolute cavalcade of head-smacking idiocies. The internet has been telling stories of the dumbest things they’ve ever overheard, and we’re collecting them all here for your enjoyment. Take them all in, and breathe easier knowing you’re not this dumb.