Man Discovers His Girlfriend Hid Their Entire Stockpile of Canned Goods the Woods

Let’s start with the obvious: we’re all a little bit weird right now. There’s a global crisis happening. People are fighting each other over toilet paper. No one’s brain is working exactly perfectly at the moment, and on top of that, we’re all in close quarters with no way to get out.

That means we’re all in the process of having some weird fights.

But here’s the honest truth: this fight is weirder and more awful than any fight you can imagine. It starts with some beans and ends with a breakup, which is a truly amazing leap. Curious about how one couple went from a fairly normal stockpile to breaking up and living separately?

Just keep reading and we’ll reveal all the details of this wild story. Come with us on a story that starts in an apartment, moves to the woods, and just keeps ongoing. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.


The beginning of this story is familiar.

A guy and his girlfriend stocked up on some supplies to get them through quarantine. Simple enough.


With all that is going on, we had stocked up on supplies, including some canned goods. -ThrowRA_BeanDrama