Journalist Accuses ‘Emotionally Illiterate’ Kate Middleton Of ‘Bearing A Grudge’ Toward Sussexes

The reported feud between the Cambridges and the Sussexes doesn’t show any sign of slowing down, and more and more journalists are weighing in … and falling on the side of Harry and Meghan.

Catherine Bennett recently published an opinion piece in the Guardian in which she refuses to be soft when speaking about how William and Kate have behaved toward Harry and Meghan. In particular, Catherine points out the many ways the pair, and especially Kate, have shown how they really feel.

She writes:

“In recent years it has been persuasively argued that younger members of the royals are more empathetic than their sourer, or weirder elders. And thus, as well as nicer, they are better qualified to connect with their subjects, and, in the long term, protect the family fortunes from, say, its members’ regrettable weakness for paedophiles, at home and abroad.”

However … it seems that this impression may not be one that is rooted in reality, at least when it comes to Prince William and Kate.

Catherine goes on to write:

“Courtesy of their hilarious double act in Westminster Abbey, it seems much more likely that William and Catherine are already, as inheritance edges closer, about as emotionally literate as Prince Philip, as careless of their status as Prince Andrew, and as supremely forgiving to outcasts as the late Queen Mother. With a few differences.”