If You’re Rewatching That ’70s Show, Watch Out For These Easter Eggs

There’s a whole layer of hidden jokes and details for fans to find in That ’70s Show.

They say that nostalgia follows a 20-year rule, meaning that people tend to most fondly remember whatever era occurred two decades prior to the current one. With that in mind, the 1990s was the perfect time to launch a sitcom about the 1970s, and That ’70s Show was a huge hit– as well as launching the careers of much of its up-and-coming cast.

There is a lot to unpack about That ’70s Show on a surface level, such as the way the show cleverly dealt with a certain type of substance that the characters were clearly partaking in despite never being allowed to actually say it due to being a prime-time network television show. But there’s also a whole second layer of hidden things to find in the show for eagle-eyed viewers, from inside jokes to fun little details in the backgrounds and more. Despite being a show that is “dated” by design, it can be watched over and over again– especially with how much there is to look for.