Hilarious T-Shirt Fails You Have To See To Believe

Read carefully… the t-shirt fails below say it all.


Making a statement with a t-shirt has been an ‘in’ thing in fashion ever since punk rock music made it popular in the 1970s. Provocative t-shirt slogans are a good way to get yourself noticed if you’re someone who likes to have the spotlight on themselves all of the time.
Broadly speaking, t-shirt slogans designed to catch the eye fall into two categories: funny, or offensive. Sometimes, the offensive ones are also funny. On other occasions, people are completely oblivious to how funny their t-shirt is, because they haven’t noticed. That’s one way to attract the wrong kind of attention!
Everyone you’re about to see on this list chose their t-shirt to say something about either themselves, or the world around them. Some of them have nailed their look flawlessly, but some of the others aren’t projecting the message they had in mind! Here are the all-time best t-shirt fails.
1. Fake It Until You Make It
We live in a time where people are frequently famous for being famous, and not because they have any discernible talent. Cases in point include Paris Hilton and the entire Kardashian family. It would appear to be Hilton who’s the inspiration for this girl, who’s copied her look right down to the hair and the bold fashion statements.
Many young people grow up wanting to be famous, and being good looking is often half the battle. As she has that point covered, her t-shirt might not be a lie. Perhaps she has modeling work lined up. Perhaps she has a red-hot demo about to drop. Or, just maybe, she’s yet another overconfident aspiring star who’s destined to be disappointed in a few years’ time. If that happens, we guess that this t-shirt is destined to end up in the trash, and she’ll be a little embarrassed that she ever wore it in the first place.
2. They’re Not Wrong
We imagine that being arrested on a hot, sunny day, and being bundled into the back of a police car really does suck quite badly. It’s therefore hard to think of a more appropriate t-shirt for this person to be wearing on the day it actually happened to them. We have no idea what they did to merit being handcuffed and led away, but it proves that there really is a t-shirt for every occasion.
What’s odd about the picture, though, is that the shirt wouldn’t make any sense if the person wearing it wasn’t having an experience that sucked. It would look wrong if, for example, they were wearing it with a big smile on their face at a Disney park. Sending out a negative message may draw negativity towards you – so perhaps they’d be better off wearing something that says ‘everything is great’ instead?
3. High Self Esteem
Many of us will have similar memories about our college years, and they involve making bad romantic decisions after consuming far too much alcohol. It’s almost like a rite of passage. As it’s probably going to happen anyway, you might as well embrace it and make it seem like it’s part of the plan, as this girl has done here.
In years to come, she may come to regret the fact that she chose a t-shirt which suggested that she was anyone’s after a few drinks, and then allowed people to take pictures of her wearing it that will now be on the internet forever. As long as she was having fun at the time, maybe that’s all that matters! We bet people were lining up to buy her shots when she was out on the town, though.
4. Is That An Invitation?
We can’t see this girl’s face, so we don’t know whether she’s wearing this message ironically or sarcastically, or she really is inviting people to come and try to unlock her using the method suggested! Anyone who knows a smartphone knows where it comes from – technology has brought all kinds of different new phrases into our day to day language, and this is one of them. Apparently, if you want to unlock the girl’s top, all you have to do is rub her up the right way!
Innuendos are commonplace on t-shirts for young people – especially when they’re planning a big night out, and they want to show the world how confident they are – so we’ll award this one extra points for being quite clever about it, instead of resorting to outright filth! Perhaps she should also consider asking prospective suitors to enter a passcode?
5. True Beliebers
We don’t think we’re speaking out of line when we say that the majority of people who enjoy Justin Bieber’s music are female. The singer himself has had to stop concerts in the past and ask audiences to calm down, because women are screaming at him. He does have his male fans though, and some of them will go to the length of getting matching t-shirts just to prove how much they love their hero.
Just turning up at a concert you’ve paid tickets for us enough to show Bieber that you support him – it probably wasn’t necessary to go for the matching outfits, too! The slogans also make a challenge to the rest of the male gender, too – apparently real men respect Bieber, which implies that men who don’t like to Bieber are not, in fact, real men. We don’t know who these two young gentlemen are, but we don’t recommend wearing the same shirts at a Metallica concert.
6. All Is Vanity
This t-shirt is just a little bit unkind. We can see just by looking at this woman that she’s very attractive, and very confident. We don’t really need the added extra of her wearing a t-shirt that makes the rest of us feel bad just because we don’t measure up! Not all of us are blessed with natural beauty the same way she is, and not all of us have the time and money to spend in the gym to achieve a body like that either.
She’ll only be able to wear this t-shirt for as long as she’s able to maintain her looks, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too hard on her for making the most of it while she’s young and beautiful. We can’t promise that we wouldn’t be this smug if we were this good looking, so we shouldn’t hold it against her.
7. An Arts And Craft Lover?
It’s possible – but not very likely – that this girl is a big arts and craft lover, and she just loves spending her time putting collages together. Maybe she’s really good at choosing the right pictures to blend together on a wall, or she’s skilled with different patterns and materials. We think that’s unlikely, though. We suspect that this is just a case of having a spelling mistake on a t-shirt – and quite an ironic one at that – and not noticing.
If the intended message of the t-shirt is to say that she loves college, she may want to get back there and spend a little bit more time in English class. Who’s the bigger fool though – her for wearing an obviously misspelled garment, or the person who made the t-shirt for not looking up the spelling before they put it on sale? We suppose it’s her. After all, the seller has got her money now!
8. Dumbing It Down
Here’s one for all the procrastinators out there – you know who you are! The ones who overthink everything, and then end up doing nothing because you’re worried about possible consequences. You analyze everything to death, and you spend too long thinking about things instead of doing them. This girl has a message for you – switch your brain off. Give yourself permission to be stupid every now and then. Who knows? You might even enjoy it!
There are a few cases where this advice wouldn’t apply, of course. We don’t recommend using the philosophy while operating heavy machinery, or studying. There are definitely times when you’ll want to stupid less, and think more. For all we know, though, it might say exactly that on the front of the shirt. She could just turn it around depending on which mood she wants to be in.
9. Bad Disney Wear
All of us – even those with a very poor grip of fashion – have an awareness of what kind of outfit is appropriate in certain environments. You don’t turn up at a wedding wearing a white dress unless you’re the bride, for example. You almost certainly wouldn’t turn up at work in pajamas. They’re a little more relaxed about the dress code in Disney vacation resorts, but I still wouldn’t suggest this t-shirt.
For those who aren’t in the know, Deadmau5 is a Canadian DJ who makes house music, and his name is pronounced ‘dead mouse.’ This man could probably have got away with a shirt that just said his name, but the array of dead mouse skulls with Mickey ears around the logo are a step too far. Now look what’s happened – he’s made Minnie Mouse cry!
10. Her Poor Boyfriend!
We really, really hope that this girl is joking, and that she is in fact single. We don’t like to think of the idea that she really does have a boyfriend, and that he’s got such appalling self-esteem that he’s OK with his girlfriend going out to a nightclub wearing a t-shirt that invites strangers to kiss her while he’s not looking. Unless, of course, he’s into that kind of thing. We’re not here to shame people for their niche interests!
As we’ll see with many of the t-shirts on this list, this is a message that says a lot about the confidence of the wearer. She’s comfortable with her looks and her sexuality, and she’s probably also aware that there will be plenty of people nearby who want to take her up on the offer. We wonder if anybody ever tried to sue her for false advertising when she turned them down?