Harry Potter Facts That You Didn’t Know Abou

Do you consider yourself to be a true fan when it comes to all things Harry Potter? Do you think that you know everything that there is to know about the magical world created by J K Rowling? In other words, are you a true Potterhead? Every now and then, the author releases facts about the Harry Potter universe that keeps the fans engaged, even all these years after the movies and books were released. If you’re one of those Muggles who are not aware of these facts, we have collected them all here for you.



Harry Potter & Voldemort Were Related

Yes, the entire franchise was based around a family feud because it so happens that Harry Potter and Tom Riddle were distantly related. We come to know about this in the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when the Tale of the Three Brothers was being told. The youngest brother is the ancestor of Harry Potter while the brother with the Resurrection Stone was an ancestor of Lord Voldemort.

Ginny’s Professional Quidditch Player Career

Fans have been badgering Rowling for more information about the lives of the characters in the books and the movies. These revelations have been told to the world on Pottermore, a website owned by Rowling herself. On this website, we can see that Ginny Weasley decided to follow her passion of playing Quidditch and became a full-time professional Quidditch player.