Hairdresser Uplifts Little Girl Who Calls Herself ‘Ugly’ With The Most Moving Pep Talk

The seeds of self-doubt are sewn in us at a young age. As a result, we start saying hurtful things to ourselves before we even understand the weight of those words.

A heartbreaking moment of self-deprecation by a 4-year-old girl has gone viral, as have the words of reassurance she was told.

The little girl is named Ariyonna. She was getting her hair done by Shabria Redmond, an Atlanta-based hairdresser and rapper. Shabria captured the moment on an Instagram Live session. She was working on Ariyonna’s hair when the little girl looked at her reflection and said, “I’m so ugly!”

Shabria stopped in her tracks to set the little girl straight.

In an uplifting conversation, she explained to Ariyonna why it’s important to think more highly of herself. Ariyonna began to cry when Shabria scooped her up in a hug. She reposted the moment later, adding a touching caption about the importance of teaching little black girls to love themselves.


Ariyonna is just 4 years old, but she already struggles with her self-esteem. Atlanta hairdresser and rapper Shabria Redmond went live on Instagram while doing the little girl’s hair. Ariyonna looked at her reflection and exclaimed, “I’m so ugly!”