Get To Know The 2020 Tesla Roadster With These 15 Facts

Many believe that this hotly anticipated vehicle is actually going to live up to the hype. Here’re some facts that only fuel drivers’ anticipation.

People around the world are excited about the 2020 Tesla Roadster. Elon Musk believes the vehicle will be the fastest second-generation model in the world while beating the record of the fastest Tesla in town. Manufacturers believe that the car will also boast the best charge-rate for any electronic vehicle.Like all entrepreneurs, Elon Musk likes making tall claims about new products. On face value we cannot believe whatever Elon Musk claims about the car. In the past too he has made grand ideas that did not come into fruition.However, the hype surrounding the car is different as people believe that the entrepreneur will be able to walk the talk this time. This has added to the levels of anticipation and excitement in the fans of the model. To add to the building excitement, here is a list of 15 facts about the Tesla Roadster that you will find fascinating.




15. Good Range

The folks at Tesla believe the electric supercar will offer the users a range of 620 miles. This came as a pleasant surprise for users around the world. However, many were understandably skeptical about the claim because no car offers such an extraordinary range up to this point in time.