Dolly Parton Has Released 93 Of Her Classic Songs For Digital Streaming To Help Us Through Life

Dolly Parton is at it again! A day after sharing her own virus-themed poem, Dolly has decided to release 93 of her classic songs, spanning six incredible albums, online for streaming across all major platforms.The albums are Little Sparrow (2001), Halos & Horns (2002), For God and Country (2003), Live and Well (2004), Those Were the Days (2005), and Better Day (2011). The list of released songs includes “Little Sparrow,” “Shine,” the fan-favorite “I’m Gone.” Dolly fans will also recall that she released the song “Hello God” (from Halos & Horns) in September 2001, and she’s made it available again now in hopes that her fans will find solace and healing through music.

Dolly has been doing what she can right now, and she’s currently offering a 10-week long series called Goodnight With Dolly in which she reads children’s books from her Imagination Library live at bedtime. She’s also been offering absolutely delightful content on her Instagram account, prompting Jimmy Fallon to comment, “If you don’t follow Dolly on Instagram something is wrong with you.”

Here’s a little more about each album:

Released in 2001, this was Dolly’s 38th studio album. It’s a little more rootsy than the album that preceded it, drawing on the sounds Dolly would have heard in music while growing up in Appalachia.

While speaking about the album, Dolly said, “I believe Little Sparrow has more depth, breadth, and soul than all of the other albums I have done. Hopefully it captures the best of everything I’ve ever lived or felt, written or sung. I also think this is Steve Buckingham’s best work as a producer. I hope you enjoy it. You know how every parent thinks their kids are the prettiest, how every person thinks their hometown and their home team is the best and how every singer/songwriter thinks that the album they just finished is the best they’ve ever done … well, I think that too.”

You can stream Little Sparrow here.