Dad gets to witness son’s birth thanks to kindness of complete stranger

Ryan Groom, from Blackburn, got to see his fiancé Tara give birth to their second son Jack after Aeman Ali Afzal came to their rescue.


Ryan Groom, Tara and their newborn son (Image: Focus Features) 

Ryan Groom was desperate to hold his pregnant fiancé’s hand when she gave birth to their son.

So when Tara went into labor at 1.30am, the excited parents-to-be called an ambulance and got ready to go to hospital.

But Ryan, 25, was heartbroken when paramedics told them he would not be allowed in the ambulance because of coronavirus rules – and Tara was terrified at the idea of having to do it alone.

Determined not to miss the special moment, he began calling taxi firms and trying to rouse friends but with no luck.

But after he posted a cry for help on social media a complete stranger, Aeman Ali Afzal came to the rescue.

They had no idea he wouldn’t be allowed to go in the ambulance.