Chinese Doctors Critically Ill With COVID-19 Wake Up With Darkened Skin.

Two doctors from China who were in critical condition due to COVID-19 experienced a change in skin color after surviving the silent killer.

Dr. Yi Fan and Dr. Hu Weifeng, both 42-years-old, contracted coronavirus while caring for patients at the Wuhan Central Hospital back in January.

The doctors who cared for them said both of them had to be put on life support, but as a consequence of the treatment to keep them alive their skin became dark. This bizarre change is triggered by an imbalance that occurred when the two patients’ livers were damaged by COVID-19, according to Chinese media.

Both doctors worked with Li Wenliang, the person who was punished for making light of the virus a few months back and died of COVID-19 on February 7.

The two doctors were diagnosed on January 18 and were taken to the Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital. They were transferred twice, as per CCTV, a Chinese state media.

Doctor Yi, who is a cardiologist, survived COVID-19 after he was put on life support (a machine called ECMO) for 39 days.

The ECMO is a last-resort life support procedure that acts as a heart and lungs by pumping oxygen into and out of a person’s body.