Celebrities Who Photobombed Normal People

Just because you are a regular on the red carpet doesn’t mean you don’t love a good photobomb. As it turns out, celebrities are totally game for the most serendipitous encounters with regular folks who are simply trying to snap an Instagram-worthy picture. Whether it is an unintentional snafu or a well-timed moment, everybody is down to photobomb — even A-list stars. It makes sense since they do it to each other all the time on the red carpet. Of course, it’s way more special when famous faces graciously bless normal people with their presence. And, what better way to memorialize a moment than with a timeless photo?

While you may not appreciate it when a random person or a member of your squad inadvertently ruins a picture perfect snapshot, but it’s no biggie when a celebrity does it. From the unlikeliest wedding crashers, to bizarre back-to-back photobombs, to entertaining royal interjections, there is no shortage of totally epic moments. Hey, you never who will show up so snap every picture like you are trying to capture the ultimate photobomb. If you are a lover of such entertaining scenarios, check out our roundup of the unlikeliest, craziest, and funniest times your favorite celebrities photobombed normal people.

Keanu Reeves


 Keanu Reeves - Celebrities Who Photobombed Normal People - Zimbio
He is a gift to humanity. He is wholly unpredictable. He has hair that cannot be tamed. Yes, we are talking about the one and only Keanu Reeves who, as it turns out, is a phenomenal wedding crasher. When he popped up unannounced at this couple’s wedding, Reeves gave his best rockstar impression while photobombing the crap out of this picture.

Apparently, the groom’s mother was all for it. She even posted the snap on her Instagram, writing: “Keanu Reeves at my sons wedding