Breathtaking Photo Of A Sleeping Whale Wins $120k Prize At The HIPA Photography Contest, And Here Are 16 More Winning Pics

Back on June 7, the winning photos of this year’s Hamdan International Photography Award (HIPA) photography contest were announced, and the Grand Prize of $120k went to Australian photographer Jasmine Carey for her breathtaking photo of a mother Humpback whale sleeping next to her 2-week-old baby.


In a recent interview with Bored Panda, Jasmine said that as the clouds started rolling in while she was in the water, it felt almost like an out of body experience, floating on the surface, and observing the calmly sleeping mother whale along with her calf. “They obviously were aware of us but did not let that inhibit their bond. Watching it unfold, I knew it was magic and I just hoped that I would be able to do it justice,” said the photographer. “It definitely hard al the makings of a beautiful image.”


Jasmine says that being close to whales is “the ultimate wildlife experience”. “To have an animal the size of a bus acknowledge your existence and be curious of you and genuinely interested is like nothing else. All your emotions what to erupt all at once and yet you feel cleansed of all life’s ‘problems,’ all the heaviness on our soul just melts away,” explained the photographer. “They really put things into perspective and give you so much joy.”


See Jasmine’s winning photo and the other winners in the gallery below!


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#1 Water: Grand Prize, Jasmine Carey



Image source: Jasmine Carey