Berlin Is The Capital Of Street Fashion

“Berlin – the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine,” David Bowie once said. He had been living and composing in the German capital for several years. Many people think like him and consider Berlin to be the global center of alternative culture and street fashion. In fact, the city is home to thousands of extravagant and creative people who not only do extraordinary things but also dress exceptionally and particularly chic.

Although Berlin’s particular street fashion has long been a media topic, the first photobook about it has just been published – in German and in English. The author and photographer of the book called “Berlin Street Style” is Björn Akstinat. He is the founder of schickaa, the first RealStreetStyle blog in the German capital. For the blog and the book, he does not take pictures of models equipped by fashion companies. No, he photographs real chic residents of Berlin who crossed his path by chance, wearing their normal everyday clothes. So the focus is on people instead of brands. Another feature of Akstinat’s work are the sharp backgrounds of his photos. Since they are not blurry, viewers can see where the pictures were taken and better grasp the context.

Below you will find several pictures from Björn Akstinat’s new book. What do you think about the outfits and the style of the Berliners? Write about it in the comment sections!

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Berlin street style photographer Björn Akstinat in action