Beauty Products to Reach For After a Workout


You were given up early and squeezed in an excellent, tough sweat sesh earlier than paintings. Nice one! But now you have the intricate task of freshening up in a flash and getting through your work day with out searching like a hot mess.

We understand you wouldn’t dream of heading to the gymnasium without a deodorant or dry shampoo close by, but there are some different key products you need to always have to your health club bag that will help you cross from workout to work fast. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

A muscle recovery balm

We get it: no ache, no gain. But when your muscle tissues grow to be so sore after an extreme exercise session that you could barely move, it’s a total motivation killer. Not to mention, aching muscular tissues can get within the way of simple regular tasks, which include typing and taking walks up stairs. Muscle healing should be taken severely, and even as stretching and staying hydrated assist, we additionally propose applying a soothing answer such as endota Rest & Restore Clove & Mint Recovery Balm after your exercising. This body balm is cooling and calming, and is formulated with peppermint, cajuput and camphor oils to ease aching pains and muscle tension. Bonus: these herbal oils odor first rate. Apply the balm right away after your exercising and shower, massaging it into regions that need alleviation.


Close up of young muscular and active Asian female sportswoman having shoulder strain during indoors workout gym


Waterless shower wipes

At the end of a HIIT class, the queues for the shower can get pretty long. When you don’t have time to wait, shower wipes can be a godsend. Yep, they’re like a shower, minus the water. Think of them as oversized baby wipes for the whole body, only they don’t sting or leave you smelling disinfected. These game-changing products cleanse, refresh and deodorise. Keep a box in your gym bag for an instant shower in a pinch.


A colour-correcting primer

If your face isn’t bright red after exercising, there’s a good chance you didn’t push yourself hard enough. But since we know you always give your workouts 110 per cent, you’re going to need something to tone down that redness, STAT. A green-tinted colour corrector is the perfect product for the job as the green pigments counteract redness in skin. If you can find one that also has skin-calming ingredients, even better.


Cape Town, South Africa, Girl putting on base makeup


A makeup setting spray

Applying makeup after a workout can be a recipe for disaster. If the formula is too heavy, you can end up trapping in the heat; if you haven’t cooled down enough, sweat can cause your products to slip off your face before you even set foot in the office. That’s where a cooling makeup setting spray comes in handy. It locks your makeup in place for all-day wear and the cooling ingredients help soothe your skin and neutralise your body heat. Winner!



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