70+ Hot Pictures Of Jennifer Lawrence Who Is Mystique In X-Men Movies

Jennifer Lawrence is a truly versatile actress, renowned for her work in movies like Winter’s Bone, The Hunger Games, X-Men, Joy, and Mother. While, the sexy Jennifer Lawrence has always impressed by her talent, but, she became favorite of her fans after she started playing Mystique in the X-Men franchise. The character of Mystique is full of intrigue, shape shifting and sex appeal, which has made fans fall in love with Jennifer Lawrence. She has worked in numerous films and been a part of countless red carpet events, promotional and magazine photoshoots, etc. In fact, Mystique has made so much impact that fans at times are always interested in knowing Jennifer Lawrence bra and breast size measurements and spending time trying to search Jennifer Lawrence bikini images, Jennifer Lawrence swimsuit images and other stuff like that.


However, it is true that Jennifer Lawernce has proved that she is not only one of the hottest women in the entertainment industry but, also a great actress. Now, let us go ahead and have a look at some of the facts about her and hot images of Jennifer Lawrence.


Jennifer Lawrence Boobs Size – 35 inches (Watch Jennifer Lawrence Boobs Pictures)


Jennifer Lawrence Ass Size – 36 inches (Watch Jennifer Lawrence Butt Pictures)


Jennifer Lawrence Body Measurements – 35″ x 26″ x 36″ (Watch Jennifer Lawrence Bikini Pictures)


Date Of Birth – 15 August 1990


1. She is continuously upping her game


Jennifer ‘Shrader’ Lawrence! With a name like that, things couldn’t possibly have been hotter.



2. She  is not much of a team player


She used to be a tomboy and so aggressive that she wasn’t allowed to play with other girls in her early years.


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3. Almost a sports star


During her high school, she played hockey, softball, and basketball (for a boys team coached by her dad).