6 Women Share What Keeps Them Going When The Weight Won’t Budge

When Cortland West hits a weight-loss plateau, the 24-year-old knows exactly what to do. “I look back at my old photos of myself when I was at my biggest,” she says. “I was completely miserable at that time in my life. I felt awful physically and emotionally.” That reminder of how far she’s come keeps Cortland, who has so far lost 80 pounds with the Lose It! app, moving forward.
No one ever said losing weight was easy. (And if they did, they were lying!) But no matter how prepared you think you are for the ups and downs of weight loss, the frustration of seeing the same number on the scale—over and over again—can’t be underestimated. These eight women hit their fair share of plateaus on their way toward healthier, happier weights. Here’s how they powered through.

‘I Think About How Far I’ve Come’

“Whenever I feel like giving up—trust me, I still do sometimes—I just remind myself of the girl in those pictures and how unhappy she was. I just never want to look in the mirror and see her again. That keeps me motivated. I’ve come too far to let a plateau hold me back.” —Cortland West, 24, lost 80 pounds