6 Intriguing Facts About Mail-Order Brides

If you spend any time on the internet these days, then you probably already know the possibilities of ordering a bride online or via email, all from a different country across the world. It sounds a bit weird and unreasonable, and just plain creepy in some cases, but a lot of people turn to this drastic option in their time of need, when love just doesn’t seem possible. Some of these are scams, but a lot of these arranged marriages tend to end with a very happy story. Here are ten intriguing facts all about mail-order brides.


Long History

Mail-order brides actually have a very long history, going back into the 19th century. On the American frontier, it was very popular to spend a man’s fortune on purchasing a woman to live with them, as the frontier was somewhat empty.


Way of Living

During the nineteenth century, a lot of women were hoping to escape their present lives and gain some financial security, which is what the frontier may have offered. These women, who were mostly single, ended up becoming mail-order brides.


Mail-Order Husbands

In the twentieth century, mail-order brides grew in such popularity that the entire business model expanded to include both potential wives and husbands. Women in search of a happy marriage and the chance to settle down could order their very own husband.