5-Year-Old Opens Collectible Barbies And Her Dad Reacts With Major Meltdown. Is He Wrong?

Just the other day, Reddit got heated over a post regarding a fight between a husband and wife. The topic at hand?Collectible Barbies.

In the AITA subreddit (which is short for “Am I The A**hole?”), a woman with the handle of momto2kiddos posted about something that happened between her husband and her 5-year-old daughter. Before the story starts, she shares a sad bit of information — her husband’s sister had died. The death, while tragic, happened 10 years ago. A lot of his sister’s belongings were passed on to him, including her collection of Barbies.

While many of the dolls were heavily played with and loved, there were a few collector Barbies that were still in their boxes.

Typically, Barbies like this might carry some worth if they’re kept in pristine condition. But at the same time, they’re often a bummer for kids. Reason being, they can’t be played with. Otherwise, the investment is lost.

“We gave my daughter the unboxed toys as she got older these past 5 years,” momto2kiddos wrote. “I always said we should store the collector dolls until she was older. [My mother-in-law] agreed.”

“This year, our daughter turned 5,” she wrote. “For her birthday, we got her a new bed and redesigned her room. My husband decided to put all of the collector dolls on shelves for ‘decoration’. I told him this was a mistake. Even though she’s 5, she doesn’t quite get the difference between these and her regular, playable barbies.”
It’s a fair point. If anyone’s been around a 5-year-old before, they should know that their minds aren’t on money and proper investments. They’re on playing and having a fun time. Aside from those dolls being in a box while her other Barbies were out in the open, how would she know that they were special if they were in her room?