5 Exercises for Athletic and Feminine Legs

Athletic feminine legs



Legs are generally just one part of the whole package. Some women athletes are blessed by perfect legs that require little to no toning, while others are given long, thin limbs. All is not lost, though- even short female athletes can have amazing legs that are a testament to a fine balance between beauty and strength.




Athletic and feminine legs are the ultimate goal for women who want shapely, powerful legs without it being too big or masculine-looking. The aim is to be a sort of a fitness model rather than a powerlifter or a bodybuilder.




How Does One Build The Perfect Amount Of Muscle?



Athletic, feminine legs can be achieved via the right exercise. You’ll also need to drop your body fat percentage to get into the “lean” form.


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Exercises For Athletic and Feminine Legs


Use these 5 exercises and build athletic and strong legs that are still feminine and not bulky.