35+ Hilarious Relationship Things That You Should Send To Your Significant Other Right Now

Couples can make the rest of us roll our eyes.

From their gooey-eyed looks at each other, to being forced to listen to the story of how they met for the fifth time, people in love just have to show it off.

If you’re that couple, you might recognize some of these moments, even if you don’t always find them the cutest parts of being in a relationship.

Here are some of the more wholesome moments you’ve likely shared with our partners:


1. You’re each other’s cheerleaders
Being in a relationship means you have a built-in cheerleader for when you do anything remotely impressive.
2. You suck it up and accept that you’re in love, even when you’re mad
Being a little annoyed doesn’t mean you’re going to withhold your affection completely.