33 Japan Facts That Reveal The Truth About Samurai, Geisha, And So Much More

Whether it’s Godzilla’s citizenship or the unexpected origins of geishas, these interesting facts about Japan shine a light on the “Land of the Rising Sun.”

Shoes In Suicide Forest
Interesting Facts About Japan SeppukuJapan’s ancient samurai suicide ritual of seppuku involved an elaborate process of disemboweling oneself with a dagger. Seppuku was performed largely in order to voluntarily die with honor instead of involuntarily dying with shame.
Sokushinbutsu Mummy Monk

Some Shingon monks successfully mummified themselves alive via a practice called sokushinbutsu. The process involves dehydrating the body thanks to a very specific diet over the course of several years.
Kanamara Matsuri Festival
Kanamara Matsuri is a yearly fertility festival, centered around mikoshi – a giant pink penis whose lore is a part of the Shinto religion.
Japan Facts GodzillaGodzilla is an official citizen of Japan. The government gave him citizenship as a publicity/tourism move in 2015.