30+ Ways to Tell a Regular Girl From a True Lady

There are very few true ladies out there. They’re well-educated, well-mannered, well-groomed, they respect other people and themselves, and they’re kind and calm. And, of course, they know etiquette rules which allow them to feel confident in any group of people and manage to avoid a lot of awkward situations.

We at Bright Side decided to write about some of the etiquette rules that you can use to be a true lady wherever you go


30+ Ways to Tell a Regular Girl From a True Lady

  • A lady wears the right size of clothing. She knows that if her skirt is too small or her blouse is too tight, it doesn’t make her look good.
  • She doesn’t fix her look in public: she doesn’t pull her skirt or move her underwear around. She goes to the lady’s room to do all this.
  • She wears flip-flops only when she goes to the pool. She doesn’t wear them in the city — even when it’s hot.
  • She wears sportswear only where it’s appropriate: at the gym, while camping, or while jogging.
  • Her underwear is never visible.
  • She doesn’t forget to remove labels from shoe soles after buying them.

At the table

30+ Ways to Tell a Regular Girl From a True Lady

  • A true lady knows that if there’s a napkin on the table, she has to put it on her lap. And the napkin has to be folded so that the upper layer is shorter than the lower one. One of the signs that someone doesn’t know the etiquette rules is when the dinner has started and the napkin is still on the table (like it is in the photo on the left).
  • If she needs to leave, she apologizes and leaves the napkin to the left of her plate instead of putting it on the back of the chair or on the seat. And she doesn’t need to tell anyone why she needs to leave.
  • She’s not going to pick up a napkin from the floor if she dropped it. A server will do it and bring back a new one.
  • Ladies don’t wipe their mouths with napkins, they just dab the corners of the lips carefully.
  • If she doesn’t drink alcohol, she doesn’t tell everyone about it and doesn’t refuse it when someone offers. She says thank you, holds the glass for some time and pretends to drink. After that, she puts the glass on the table. The same goes for diets — there’s no need to tell everyone around you this information.
  • She never uses a toothpick at the table or puts on lipstick. She goes to the lady’s room for this.