30 Stunning Historical Dresses Recreated By ‘Extremely Outdated Fashion Blogger’

While a lot of people spend a lot of time developing their personal style, few can say they have medieval dresses hanging in their closet. YouTuber Bernadette Banner has more than just a few. Furthermore, she’s made all of them by hand. “I study the history of dress through practical experimentation and reconstruction, exploring historical eras preceding the introduction of the electric sewing machine because technology is weird,” she says.


Not only does she dress like someone from another era, but her viewers also notice with amusement that she appears to think and speak like someone from the past as well and it’s oddly satisfying to watch.



“My reconstruction work is done by hand or using authentic machinery where appropriate, and I am simultaneously on an ongoing side quest to discover how we can implement historical practices in 21st century life in order to live a bit more sustainably,” Bernadette says.