30 Mysterious Scandals That Almost Changed The World

A mysterious scandal has always been a juicy story for media. They are potentially jaw-dropping and deserve to have their own place in spotlight. Not only does it capture the imagination of the masses, it also sends the world into a tizzy. But which of them are the best ones? We have compiled a list of 30 scandals, which give you enough juice for the conversation by water-cooler.

1. The Tucker State Prison Farm Scandal

This incident also known as the Arkansas prison scandal. Tom Murton discovered three skeletons buried in the Cummins’ farm. This news became an international sensation. It exposed Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller’s illicit activities. The Arkansas prison manager was fired from his position, but a grim reality was revealed. More than 200 inmates were gruesomely tortured and buried in the prison. The sadistic guards would torture them by smashing their genitals with pliers. They would then electrocute the genitals, just for the sake of pleasure.