30 Famous Transgender Celebrities

You may think that you know all about the most important trans trailblazers, but there are dozens of trans celebs who have pushed LGBTQ+ rights forward. Sure, there’s Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner, but behind those big names are tons of other trans celebrities working hard in trans activism.


There are even plenty of famous transgender individuals who came to prominence before the modern trans rights movement. These before their time heroes deserve a shout out too. If you want to learn about trans heroes, current and past, check out these 30 amazing trans celebrities.


Whether they’re breaking barriers on TV or in movies, doing charity and activism, or speaking out on the need for trans rights, each of them has found a way to share their trans identity and make strides forward. Keep reading to check out these amazing and inspiring celebs who are living their truths, loud and proud.