Quarantined Guy Ties A Note To His Chihuahua And Sends It To The Store To Buy Some Cheetos

So that time of the month finally arrives – you’ve run out of food and need to run down to the store. You put on your gloves, face mask, grab a bottle of hand sanitizer and embark on your quest to the local supermarket. You keep your distance from other people, make sure to touch as little surfaces as possible, fill your bags with whatever food that is left in the store and make it back home – whew. There’s only one thing – you forgot to buy Cheetos.


Now, we’re not exactly sure if that’s exactly the case, but something similar happened to Mexican man Antonio Munoz. And instead of going through the whole ordeal again, he came up with a genius way of getting his Cheetos without leaving his home.


While stuck in quarantine, this man felt a craving for Cheetos and came up with a genius way of getting some


Image credits: ckarlozm


On the third day of quarantine, Antonio felt a craving for some Cheetos. And since he couldn’t go out and get some on his own, he asked for someone who could – his dog.