Intermittent Fasting: 5 Ways to Do it and 8 Benefits

Is fasting the same as slowly starving to death?


If so, then why are health experts and trainers recommending it?


At face value, not eating can certainly help in the caloric deficit department. IF (intermittent fasting) is more than just that, though.


Read on and find out how you can benefit from intermittent fasting and how to do IF the right way.


First, a Little Backstory…


Growing up, I always thought that fasting was for those who were sick and needed to do something so drastic that they had to abstain from all kinds of food.


A few years ago, I re-discovered the eating program and it totally changed my perception of intermittent fasting. Turns out, IF isn’t about saying no to food but rather choosing a form of eating that can provide long-lasting health benefits!