25 Medical Oddities On Display At The Mütter Museum

The collection of Dr. Thomas Mütter begat this funhouse of morbid curiosity, and currently houses over 20,000 specimens of medical abnormalities.

Connoisseurs of the medical macabre have likely heard tales of the legendary Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, Pa. This world-renowned wonderland of weird is filled with anatomical oddities, pathological specimens, human curiosities, and vintage medical instruments.

Conjoined Twin Specimen At Mutter MuseumStaff at an anonymous medical school found this jar in a closet, which contains a stillborn conjoined twin study specimen from the 19th century. They donated it to the Mütter Museum.
Cholera Wet SpecimensDuring a cholera outbreak in 1849, members of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia preserved and examined specimens of intestines from cholera patients, and in 2013 this strain was finally identified.
Mütter Museum ExhibitsThese human hands from the 19th century collection of Dr. Thomas Dent Mütter show the effects of a condition called gout – an ailment Mütter suffered from himself later in life.