25 Funny Relationship Comics That Perfectly Sum Up What Every Long-Term Relationship Is Like

Crislane Passos is a Brazilian artist that creates comics about Max and Julia, “a couple hopelessly in love with each other.” According to Passos, it’s the difference between Max and Julia that makes the series so interesting.

Crislane came up with the imaginary couple a few years ago when writing a novel. He fell in love with this couple so much that he wasn’t able to say goodbye to them even after finishing his book. He completely devoted himself to Max and Julia’s relationship, regularly producing illustrations about their chaotic everyday life. It’s impossible not to admire the way they’re holding on to romance.

Scroll down to see this beautiful relationship between Max and Julia!


1. One of the best surprises ever

This is very sweet! Just when she was about to think that he was joking, he showed her that they were really going to have a baby! Sharing a love for animals with your soul mate is beautiful.


2. Your canine baby wants to steal all the love

Dogs are lovable and want all the attention. In most cases they want all the kisses, too, and they get a lot of them.


3. Some tasks are not as easy as they seem

Even the toughest man can be in serious doubt sometimes and the situation could seem extremely hard, especially when a girl sends her boyfriend to buy some cosmetic products for her; chances are that he’ll get lost in the sea of feminine aisles at the local supermarket and he’ll need backup.