20 Struggles Of Not Having A Cat

These days, it’s all we can do to not buy a cat. With the explosion of the furry felines over the internet, rarely a day passes in which we aren’t inundated with cute photos of a variety of moggies. And while many of us can rest smug in the ownership of our very own cat, there are even more of us who are simply left to pine for one. In today’s currency, cats are gold and not having one can feel like the worst thing in the world. Cat lovers without cats face these struggles everyday and if you’re lucky enough to own a feline, you will take a moment to pity their fate.


Being Forbidden By Your Landlord To Have A Cat

When you don’t own your own property, the prospects of owning a pet reduce massively. For many cat lovers out there, the restrictions of their homes means that they are forbidden every day from bringing a little ball of fluff home. Let’s take a minute to mourn their fate.


Desperately Searching For Cats To Stroke

Everywhere, all over the world, you can find lonely cat lovers wandering the streets in a vain attempt to stumble across a kitty. While most attempts end in failure, there are moments of glory which, when they come about, feel like the best things in the world.

Having To Crouch In A Road To Greet A Cat

You’ve lost count of the amount of times you’ve been spotted awkwardly crouching in the middle of a road so you can pet a cat. You’re aware that traffic is dangerous and all that, but when there are cats around, you couldn’t care less.


Not Being Able To Share Your Love

The amount of kitty love building up inside of you is alarming and when you don’t have a cat to let it out on, things can become truly horrible. Loving cats is one of the hardest things to do when you’re cat-less and in your heart, you know that nothing else will measure up to a kitty.


Knowing All Of The Cats That Live By You

Despite not having a cat, you know all of your neighbors’ cats by sight and name, and have even begun to feed them. Of course, your neighbors have come to hate you for this very reason and in your block, you’re known as the cat-fattener.


Weeping When Cats Run Away Scared

You love cats so much that you assume that they love you back in the same way. When kitties run away from your calls, then, it feels like a seriously low blow and on more than one occasion, you’ve come home in tears.




Finding Excuses To Visit Your Friends With Cats

One of the requirements for people to be your friend is that they have their own cat. You come up with increasingly weird excuses to visit your cat owner friends but by now, they’ve come to accept that you’re just in the friendship for their pet.


Going To Your Local Pub Just Because There Are Cats There

Public places which contain cats are the best places in the world to you and if you discover that even the most grimy cat has a cute pet cat, you make a beeline for it. Your friends have stopped hanging out with you because they know that you only go out for the cats.


Following Celebrity Cats On Instagram

90% of the accounts you follow on Instagram are cat-related; you just can’t get enough. One day, you dream of having your own account but for now, you’re happy just to follow along.


Torturing Yourself With Photos Of Kittens

When you’re feeling really low, you like to look at photos of fluffy, adorable kittens. In truth, it makes you feel a whole lot worse but for a split second, you get indescribable joy from just looking at a sleepy kitten.