20 Perfectly-Timed Photos Taken Right Before Tragedy

1.Have a Chill-Spill

Entering into the top 10 positions of our list of 20 perfectly-timed photos taken right before tragedy is this hilarious photograph. As a group of employees engage in some party after work, things are about to get wet soon. As a glass of beer slips from the hands of one of the employees, it gets itself ready to be spilled on the head of another employee, without her possibly realizing. Hope the stain on the shirt from the beer is easy to remove!


Next up at number 18 on our list is this hilarious capture where we see a woman cheering on, in what appears to be a concert. As a glass full of water is about to hit her, the spill creates a beautiful shape mid-air and it seems that the cameras are all over her capturing this moment.