20+ Animals That Are So Big

20+ Animals That Are So Big, It’s Hard to Believe They’re Real

We all know that animals can be big or small, and we never get surprised when we see a cow that is bigger than, let’s say, a dog. But what would you feel if you saw a palm-sized beetle, a human-sized jellyfish, or a rabbit that is bigger than an average dog? Mother Nature will always have something to surprise us with and meeting any of these giants would surely make us question our own vision!

These incredibly huge animals and insects made us scream ‘Wow!’ here at Handout Cluster and we can’t wait to share this compilation with you!

1. Who knew frogs could be that big! This one is a giant indeed!

2. Meet this Flemish rabbit, it’s just as big as an average dog. The largest one on record reached 4 feet 3 inches!