15 Unknown Facts About Ryan Reynolds

It feels like Ryan’s new to the movie scene because of how popular Deadpool has become, but he’s been around for years…

Since Ryan Reynolds has taken over the role of Deadpool, fans have truly fallen in love with him. Of course, Marvel fans love the superhero with a twisted sense of humor, but also just love Reynolds for the role. Think of how Robert Downey Jr. feels like Tony Stark when he’s not on the screen, it’s the same concept with Ryan Reynolds acting like Deadpool when he’s off the camera.What some people forget though, is how many other films he’s been a part of. Don’t forget that he’s also played in 6 Underground, The Proposal, and Green Lantern. It feels like he’s new to the movie scene because of how popular Deadpool has become, but he’s been around for years.

Wouldn’t you want to learn more about the man inside the Deadpool costume? As you can imagine, Reynolds has a really interesting life. Only a select few really know about it.