15 Photos Of Channing Tatum With His Daughter Proving He’s Total Dad Goals

He’s dedicated to forming as many memories with his daughter as possible…

Channing Tatum has easily become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. The actor first broke out on the scene as a model, however, his breakthrough moment was in the 2005 film, ‘Coach Carter’. Since then, Channing Tatum has appeared in a number of successful films from ‘Step Up’ to ‘She’s The Man’, ’21 Jump Street’, and of course, his hottest movie ‘Magic Mike’.The actor has had quite the life, one that has experiences highs and lows surrounding his personal life. Channing and Jenna Dewan got married back in 2009 and unfortunately ended things back in 2018. Despite their marriage not working out, the two now share a beautiful baby girl, Everly Tatum.They both co-parent and have remained friends putting their daughter first for everything. Channing has shown his true colours when it comes to being a dad, and it certainly won’t disappoint. He is without a doubt a very hands-on father and is dedicated to forming as many memories with his daughter as possible. Here are 15 photos of Channing with his daughter, that prove he is total dad goals!




15. Love At First Sight

Channing Tatum New Born

Channing Tatum and ex-wife Jenna Dewan welcomed home their first and only child together, Everly Tatum. Dewan gave birth to their beautiful baby girl back in 2013 and judging by the way they are both looking at her, it was definitely loved at first sigh. There is nothing more beautiful than building a family, and that is very apparent in this shot.