15 Painfully Awkward Celebrity Pictures Which You Can Never Unsee

Hollywood is all about being camera-ready and uber glam – and for the most part, our favourite stars know their job to the T. But what happens when someone catches them picking a nose or doing something very, very, unphotogenic? From Beyonce to the Kardashians to Julia Roberts, everybody have some (in)famously bad photos out in the public. It’s time to take a look at them.






Remember when in Super Bowl 2013, Beyonce just paused for a second, and that was the moment the camera thought of capturing her. Maybe she had her feet caught in something or just happened to notice something in the crowd. But the camera, being as unforgiving as it is, decided to capture that singular moment, which went on to become memes, jokes, and even bumper stickers for the Beyhive.



Beyonce funny pic

Image Source: mobsea.co